20 Characters to your home with door knobs

When you walk into most homes, you will not notice the doorknobs.

They will probably all match, whether they are on the doors or the closets. Whether they are brass, chrome, brushed nickel or the newer oil-rubbed bronze, they too often all look like something straight out of the Home Depot flyer. Consider that not all of the door knobs in your home must be the same!


You can use door knobs to signal to your guests how a door is to be used. Some homeowners match the non-turning door knobs on their closets with their doors, causing confusion about which door knobs need to be turned. Consider replacing the handles on your closet with glass door knobs to show that they are used differently!

A good way to give your home a different feel from the others in the neighbourhood is to search out antique door knobs. Using antique door knobs will give even a brand-new, builder-spec home a feeling of character and age. Glass door knobs are another option to dramatically change the look and feel of your home, and they are more easily available than antiques. If it is difficult to find unique door knobs, you might like to simply change out the knobs on your closet doors.


Closet doors usually look good with smaller knobs that are generally available in many different styles, and at a lower cost than door knobs. Children will enjoy fun knobs on their closet doors; they come in all shapes from soccer balls to dragonflies.

You will find many small knobs to choose from at home decor stores, hardware stores, specialty shops and even thrift stores or flea markets, if you are interested in finding antique door knobs. A bathroom cabinet might also be a good place to use a playful knob.

Don’t settle for the standard door knobs your builder gave you – add your own flair to your home by choosing your own!

door knobs 1


door knobs 2

door knobs 3

glass door knobs 1

glass door knobs 2


glass door knobs 3

antique door knobs 1 antique door knobs 2 antique door knobs 3 antique door knobs 4 antique door knobs 5


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