20 Folding door design ideas

So you are looking for the perfect bi fold door for your home.

How much it will cost you

You probably know that there are quite a slew of options to pick from – given the hundreds of online shops where you can get these folding doors.

Getting a new door for your home is just like any other investment. Most sellers offer long-term buyouts where you can place an upfront for your bi fold door. As usual, go for the best deal.
Basically, the cost of folding doors depends on a number of factors, such as the material, shipping, the manufacturer, and whether it comes with its hardware or that the folding door hardware comes separate.

When the hardware is separate, then you should expect the door to be a bit cheaper, coz it means that you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets to buy the folding door hardware.

Now, when picking bi fold doors, there is no doubt that you’ll be required to checkout certain aspects, such as energy efficiency, life expectancy, and maintenance requirements. And as expected, the longer the life expectancy, the higher the cost.

When picking the folding doors, you can as well decide to go with options of concertina folding doors, whereby you get a better deal, because some of these are plastic. They are simple to install too!

Okay, that’s a digress – anyway, let’s get back to costs

So exactly how much do they cost? They go for about $100. That is, most of them are within this region, inclusive of folding door hardware parts. However, you can also get the door without the parts, particularly if you are Do-It-Yourself kind of guy.

With that put out there, you can now go ahead and look for that folding door that you want. Remember, folding doors are categorized as internal or external – with regards to its use. Anyways, break a leg find the perfect door.

bi fold doors 1


bi fold doors 2

bi fold doors 3

folding door hardware 1

folding door hardware 2

folding doors 1

folding doors 2

bi fold doors 4 folding door hardware 3 folding doors 3 folding doors 4


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  1. I really like the look of the bifold doors in your first picture. I like those because they allow a lot of light in and make it possible to look outside with the glass panels. I agree with you, the first thing to consider is the pricing. My wife and I need to sit down and discuss how much we are willing to spend on these new doors. Thanks for the advice!

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