Ikea room dividers wall – perfect solution for visual upgrade

Do you want to make better use of a large room by adding some privacy and visual interest? A room divider from IKEA may be the perfect solution.

While big spaces can be beneficial, places like studio apartments need some kind of furniture to separate the bedroom from the living room, or an office space from the kitchen. However, adding an entire wall can make the space feel cramped and small.

Room dividers are an easy, beautiful, contemporary way to break up this open layout and add some privacy without sacrificing the space.


There are a few different options to choose from Ikea room dividers wall, including the traditional “wall” type and a curtain divider.

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Depending on how you want your space to feel, you may choose one over the other. A wall has a much more modern look to it and can be used in more ways by placing a desk, bed, couch, or other interior decorations in front of it. This is most often what you see in studio apartments or small houses.

A curtain style divider is most often used in bedrooms to give the bed a more decorative look or in a doorway between a living and dining room area.

Where to install

It’s important to use a room divider for wall well, regardless of which one you choose. It should match the rest of your decor so it does not stand out too much; it should also create enough contrast that someone will notice it when they walk into the room.

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If it’s well-placed and matches the style of the rest of the room, a wall divider can turn into an attractive piece rather than just a guick fix for a room that’s too spacious or not private enough. Once you know what style you want your room, head to an IKEA and check out these dividers in person.

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