Ikea hemnes bedroom furniture – 20 reasons to bring the romance of bedrooms back

Ikea has been a name associated with practicality and low prices. iKea furniture id regarded as the cheapest pieces of furniture anyone can buy; however a lot of people are skeptical about the quality. They have been making desks and chairs for a while as well as the usual cabinets but over time they have increased their catalog to include ikea hemnes bedroom furniture.

If you are looking for something that is heavy and robust, then Ikea is not for you. This does not mean that iKea furniture is not durable but it should be used and treated with the care and reverence you would treat any other furniture that you are planning to have in your home for years.

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Ikea has brought the romance of bedrooms back with ikea hemnes bedroom furniture design. It comprises of a night stand, two nightstands, a chest of drawers and other pieces that you can mix and match to suit whatever look you are going for in your bedroom.

The furniture is made of dark wood and can be easily assembled when you move in and disassembled when you move out. Let’s skip to the point and discuss why you should even think of buying the iKea bedroom furniture hemnes ranges.


This furniture range was designed to look like ikea traditional bedroom furniture. In the looks department, Ikea was right. However, some of the notable features that were incorporated in the design are the touches of pewter on the handles and as well as the adorable yellow lining at the bottom of every drawers.

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The cabinets provide ample space. As far as price is concerned, expect to part with no more than $1000. Although the Brown-black is the favorite color there are other colors available. You can let your inner artistic interior-self loose and decorate the bedroom however you want to.

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